What are the typical weather conditions in Door County?
Spring fishing can be cool. Summer can go from 70′s to low 80′s
What are some of the fish species available?
Door Country fishing has great small mouth bass, walleye, and northern pike
Do you fish all year round?
Fishing is done all year round. No matter the season, come on down for a great day on the water.
Is it better to go fishing in the morning or later in the afternoon?
Typically doesn’t matter but can vary from day to day. Early spring is best done at night for trophy walleyes, after ice is out.
How long have you been fishing?
I have been fishing since i could hold a fishing pole.
Do I have to bring my own rod and tackle?
No all tackle is furnished, the only thing you need is a fishing license if older than the age of 16.
Do you take multiple groups at once or singly?
One group at a time; we can accommodate larger groups with multiple boats.
What should I wear when going ice fishing?
Dress for the elements but, we do fish in heated shacks.
What is the average water temperature throughout the year?
It varies spring typical water temps are low 40′s and by summer it will go up in the 70′s as fall starts to close in the temperature starts to drop off.
Do I need to have a fishing license? Where do I get one?
Yes, if you’re over the age of 16. Information on obtaining a Wisconsin Fishing License
Will you provide food and beverage?
No, you must bring your own snacks and drinks.
Can we bring alcohol on our fishing trip?
Yeah, as long as it is kept to a minimal.
Are people with disabilities admitted?
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate people with disabilities at this time.
How long does a typical day on the water last?
Minimum of 4 hours.
Will I be able to take home what I catch?
Are there any trophy fees or other costs I should know about?
No, there are no trophy fees.